Elucent Even Tone Products | Elucent Skincare

While we often focus on fine line and wrinkles, did you know that a dull, uneven complexion might also make you look tired, worn down or seem older than you really are? 

  • Elucent Even Tone Hand Cream

    With Emblica Fruit Extract, Safflower Seed Oil, Vitamins B3, C & E
  • Elucent Even Tone Exfoliating Cleanser

    With Embilica Fruit Extract, Glycerin & Vitamin B3
  • Elucent Even Tone Night Moisturiser

    With Embilica Fruit Extract, Safflower Seed Oil, Vitamins B3, C & E

Multifunctional Skin Brightening Technology

Elucent Even Tone uses multifunctional skin brightening technology to help visibly improve the complexion. Each skin brightening ingredient in the Elucent Even Tone range has been carefully selected for its ability to help illuminate the skin and visibly even out skin tone. By using a combination of ingredients, each product works to help promote a brighter, more even looking complexion. 

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How Does Elucent Even Tone Work?

Exposure to the sun triggers our skin pigmentation to produce melanin which can result in dark spots and pigmented areas. Elucent Even Tone helps reduce the appearance of pigmentation to achieve visibly more radiant and even toned skin. For best results, use Elucent Even Tone products daily as directed on the labelling. 

Ingredient For Beautiful Skin

Elucent Even Tone utilises a blend of ingredients including vitamins to help beautify the skin.