Beauty Sleep: How to get your skin to repair overnight


Beauty Sleep: How to get your skin to repair overnight

We all want to wake up looking refreshed and revitalised with a complexion that glows. A good night’s sleep can work wonders on the skin, but getting seven or eight hours of shut eye a night is often difficult with life’s demands.

Research has shown that sleep is essential for optimal DNA repair action in the skin. One study found that just one night of poor sleep could result in hanging eyelids, darker undereye circles, swollen eyes, paler skin, more fine lines and wrinkles, and more droopy corners of the mouth¹, while another found that good sleepers had decreased signs of intrinsic ageing². Thankfully, there are overnight skincare products with active ingredients that can help keep your skin glowing and feeling healthy. 


While we sleep, our skincare products should be penetrating deep into the skin, helping to accelerate skin renewal and delivering moisture, so we look fresh-faced in the morning, as opposed to tired and fatigued. 

Before we hit the pillow, it’s important to give the skin a helping hand by applying active ingredients topically. After all, the repairing of skin cells with sun-induced skin damage has been shown to peak during the evening. The stratum corneum, also known as the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) goes through circadian rhythm changes, and skin permeability is higher at night than it is in the morning³.

We also lose more water through the skin during the evening. This is called transepidermal water loss (TEWL)³. Thus, it’s essential to apply a moisturiser before bed to keep the skin hydrated over the course of the night. 

Depending on your skin type and the signs of ageing that you wish to address, Elucent Skincare has two night moisturisers that could form a part of your bedtime ritual.

The Elucent Anti-Ageing Night Moisturiser is just one product that will visibly revitalise the skin while you sleep. It contains alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) to promote nightly skin cell turnover, and vitamins B3 and E to moisturise and visibly improve the texture and tone of the skin. It also has vitamin C to help replenish tired skin. 

If you suffer from hyperpigmentation (dark spots, melasma or brown patches), try the Elucent Even Tone Night Moisturiser. It works to revitalise your skin’s appearance overnight with an effective blend of vitamins and antioxidants that can brighten skin tone and even out your complexion.  Containing embilica fruit extract – a rich source of vitamin C – this moisturiser will work against harmful environmental stressors to help strengthen and help brighten your complexion.

It also has Safflower Seed Oil, (known for its strong anti-inflammatory properties), to help soothe and moisturise the skin. Like the Elucent Anti-Ageing night moisturiser, it also contains vitamins B3 and E which work together to reduce inflammation, fine lines and blemishes on the skin. 

Although it's an area often forgotten, your neck and décolletage should also be moisturised and hydrated using your night moisturiser.


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