How to Combat the Signs of Ageing

How to Combat the Signs of Ageing

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Written by the Elucent skincare community

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We all want to maintain healthy, glowing and youthful-looking skin for as long as possible. However, changes due to skin ageing are inevitable as we get older.

This is due to a range of factors that are categorised as intrinsic and extrinsic such as air pollution, sun exposure and lifestyle choices¹. From fine lines and wrinkles, to dryness, sagging and pigmentation, there are a range of skin signs that can make us look more tired and aged¹. Thankfully, skincare products can help to slow down visible signs of ageing, address our individual skin ageing concerns and help restore a glowing complexion. First, we must identify the different signs of ageing and then learn how to help address them.

Dry Skin

How to get rid of dry skin on your face?

If your skin is looking more dry and  flaky in appearance than it once was, you are not alone. As we age, our skin can get drier for a number of reasons. Older skin has less sweat glands and oil glands², and the epidermis doesn’t retain water as well due to thinning, which may leave us with dehydrated skin³. To help reduce dryness, moisturising regularly is key. Try the Elucent Anti Ageing Day Moisturiser and the Elucent Anti Ageing Night Moisturiser. These products contain vitamins B3 and E to help hydrate dry skin. The day moisturiser also has SPF 30 to help protect the skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays.


How to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines?

Most of us will start to develop tiny creases in our forehead, and around the eyes and mouth, but as we age these fine lines can turn into deeper wrinkles. Fine lines and wrinkles are some of the most visible characteristics of ageing skin – and for that reason many of us would like to help minimise their appearance. To help visibly smooth fine lines and wrinkles and help skin stay taut, use Alpha hydroxy acids, or AHAs. A core ingredient in Elucent skincare products, research shows that AHAs can help with the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and skin firming.


How to remove pigmentation?

It’s no surprise that the number one cause of extrinsic skin ageing is long-term exposure to solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. This is also known as photoageing.  In fact, 80 percent of skin ageing of the face is said to be caused by sun exposure. Sun exposure can result in hyperpigmentation – this is when the skin produces more melanin – and can appear as uneven skin tone, dark patches or age spots. To help visibly fade stubborn dark spots and patches try Elucent’s Even Tone range of products together helps improve the brightness and tone of the skin with a range of ingredients, including niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, which has been shown to reduce pigmentation and increase skin lightness.

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Sun exposure can result in hyperpigmentation – this is when the skin produces more melanin – and can appear as uneven skin tone, dark patches or age spots⁷.

Dull Skin

How to brighten dull skin?

A dull, lacklustre complexion can be the result of many factors, including a build up of dead skin cells (skin cell turnover diminishes as we age), dehydration or dryness¹⁰. The Elucent Even Tone Moisturiser can help give the skin a visible radiance boost. Containing embilica fruit extract – a rich source of vitamin C – it can help brighten the skin, together with vitamins B3 and E. This moisturiser also contains safflower seed oil, which has strong anti-inflammatory properties and can help hydrate the skin so you have a glowing, more luminous complexion.

Skin Elasticity

How to improve skin elasticity?

Over time, the loss of skin elasticity can lead to saggy skin and females have been shown to lose skin elasticity faster than males as they age¹². To help reduce drooping of the skin, you can use products that could visibly help firm and tighten the skin. Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) is one ingredient that can help improve skin elasticity and skin texture by reducing fine lines and wrinkles¹³. It is a core ingredient in the Elucent Anti Ageing range, and in conjunction with AHAs, it will help keep skin feel smooth and firm.