Learn More Why the Elucent Range Was Created

Learn More Why the Elucent Range Was Created

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Written by the Elucent skincare community

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Dr Jane Oppenheim

The face behind the science of the Elucent skincare range, Dr Jane Oppenheim, Ego Pharmaceuticals Scientific & Operations Director, has been featured on the Ageless by Rescu Podcast.

Dr Oppenheim covers a variety of interesting topics during her conversation with Ageless by Rescu founder, Bahar Etminan, ranging from her esteemed career in STEM to the science of formulating products.  

History of Elucent

The Elucent range, science and history are discussed at length, including the benefits of the hero ingredients - AHAs and Niacinamide. Dr Oppenheim covers the reasons why the Elucent range was made to be effective yet affordable, and how it was designed to be accessible to more people.

The Ageless by Rescu Podcast is a trusted source in beauty and the science of rejuvenation. It aims to give listeners direct access to best practice experts and cutting edge innovations in Australia and globally.

Click here to listen to Dr Oppenheim on the Ageless by Rescu podcast.