Revive Your Body: How To Rejuvenate Your Skin


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Revive Your Body: How To Rejuvenate Your Skin

Most of us are quick to lather our faces with moisturising creams and serums in the hopes of preserving youthful skin. But do you use them anywhere other than your face? The telling signs of ageing don’t fall exclusively above the neck.

Our body, including the neck, décolletage, and hands, craves the same hydration – and deserves the same attention – as our face. Yet, few of us take the time to moisturise all over. Thankfully, there are products that can help make your skin radiant and revive your body.

From top to toe, skin ageing exhibits common traits. They include: the loss of skin elasticity, dullness, roughness, fine lines and wrinkles, and discolouration¹. Sun-exposed areas are often particularly vulnerable to the signs of ageing². The tonic? Whether treating the face or body, a healthy skin barrier is key to reducing dehydration and protection against various allergens. By using daily skincare products, comprising of a few hard-working ingredients, you can help visibly regenerate the skin and give you a whole-body glow.

The Elucent Anti Ageing Body Moisturiser provides the perfect foundation, uncovering healthy-looking skin. It contains scientifically selected ingredients in a leave-on formula to help revitalise skin. The moisturiser has alpha hydroxy acids, known as AHAs and considered a powerhouse ingredient when it comes to visibly younger-looking skin. Anti-ageing benefits include exfoliation, moisturisation, the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and skin firming³, while regular use can even improve the effectiveness of other skincare products⁴.

As well as AHAs, the Elucent Anti Ageing Body Moisturiser contains vitamins B3 (also known as niacinamide) and E, to help visibly improve the skin’s texture and tone, and vitamin C to combat environmental stressors and support the skin’s natural strength. Apply twice a day on clean skin for the best results.

Targeting premature skin ageing of the hands, the Elucent Even Tone Hand Cream is a rich daily hand cream that will keep your skin hydrated and soft. It helps to visibly reduce the signs of ageing, such as sunspots and pigmentation. Like Elucent’s body moisturiser, this hand cream contains vitamins B3 and E, a formidable duo that work together to help visibly reduce pigmentation⁵. Meanwhile, embilica fruit extract helps protect the skin against harmful environmental stressors and safflower seed oil’s anti-inflammatory properties soothe and moisturise the hands.

Massage into your hands, from wrists to fingertips, throughout the day, paying special attention to the back of your hands. Don’t forget your nails and cuticles!

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