About Us


Elucent was born under the Ego Pharmaceuticals brand in 2011, meaning we are proudly Australian owned and made. Our values are simple; innovation and quality. 

About EGO

The Ego family believes that there’s only one way to do things, creating products that truly benefit people each and every day. 

Our sole purpose is to develop scientifically-backed products that nurture and protect your skin and help you feel the very best. 

It was in 1953 that Ego founders Gerald and Rae Oppenheim discovered a missed opportunity in the skincare market. Armed with the passion to create products that truly restore and help maintain healthy looking skin, they created their first product. 

And we haven’t looked back since.



Our life’s work is to bring out the very best in your skin, meaning you can be the most confident version of yourself. 

Created for Australians by Australians, elucent combines innovative research with top skincare science to develop high-quality, active-ingredient formulas that just work. 

Elucent is skincare without the BS. 


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At Elucent, we stand for bright skin, not bright filters, that's why every product we make is packed full of scientifically proven ingredients, designed to give your skin everything